GREENSHIELD 2017-2021 Contrôle Robotisé sans Pesticides des Pestes de l’Agriculture

R&D Projet ANR-17-CE34-0012 received 834k€ in financing by Agence Nationale pour la Recherche  in the framework of the challenge 2017 Sécurité alimentaire et défi démographique (DS05) , for a duration of 42 months (Oct  2017- April 2021).


In a context of pesticide use reduction, Greenshield project aims at developping a mobile robot to fight pests, based on spectral analysis for their detection and a laser for their destruction (more details).


The project is undertaken by 5 teams working cooperatively on the various componants of the mobile robot  (more details) :


Farming Robotics,  spectrometry, insect pest and crop diseases fighting